Monday, September 18, 2006

Days 12 and 13 Photos

Not many pictures this time, sorry. I was getting pretty bored with taking pictures since I'd taken some 300 or so by this point. There really wasn't anything all that amazing to take pictures of these last days anyway.
The "sporty girls," as I called them. You'll have to open the picture up larger to be able to see the butt cheek hanging out of her skirt, though. The other was more or less identically revealing. Pretty risque for an airport parking lot.

Us standing in front of some water, a boat of some sort and more of the damn mountains they're so fond of down there. Actually, you had a much more scenic view of these in the pictures I took from the gondola place in the earlier post.

Us standing in front of a Moa. Behind us and to the right, if I'm remembering correctly, is where the statue of Jebediah Queenstown was. I'm very disappointed in myself for not getting a picture of that.

And that, is that. Thanks to everyone who took to time even to scan through some of these posts. I enjoyed writing them, even if most of you bastards didn't read them.

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